A day in the life of puppies! (Week 2)

Week 2 is another quiet week for puppies.

Mom has usually relaxed by now and will leave the puppies of her own accord for potty breaks several times a day, and may even begin spending time next to the whelping box instead of in it.

Everyone’s doubled their birthweights!

We continue on with the Biosensor exercises.

We trim nails.

Puppies ears and eyes may open towards the end of this week. (Usually ears right at the end and eyes are usually a few days past that, but there’s a lot of variation overall. Individually litters tend to go pretty close together.)

The puppies are still pretty much cute little potatoes.

They are starting to roll over, though!

And some of them have figured out reverse gear.

Mostly they crawl, though. They are up on their feet more than during week 1, and more vocal when they run into (or over) each other.