Past Litters

Our Past Litters


  • The Avatar Litter (Nook x Thor) – Korra, Asami & Bolin (now Diesel)
  • The Lilo & Stitch Litter (Nook x Thor/Sven) – Lilo, Stitch (now Titan), Nani (now Aria), Mr. Bubbles (now Leo) and Bleeker
  • The Rebels Litter (Fury x Sven/Thor) – Kanen (now Solo), Hera (now Shepard), Ahsoka (now Sophie), Ezra (now Starsky), Sabine, Rex (now Jagger), and Zeb.


  • The Hogwarts Founders Litter (Glow x Sven)- Godric, Helga, Rowena, and Salazar
  • The Wonder Woman Litter (Legend x Sven) – Diana, Hippolyta, Etta, Steve, Chief, and Samir